10 Of My Favorite Feelings

Wow! I just started my blog more than a month ago and I already got a nomination for this new tag called 10 Of My Favorite Feelings. I’m still very new at this but it feels so good that someone already acknowledges my blog’s existence. Thanks Elle for this nomination! Check her blog! She posts a lot of interesting things that most of us can also relate to. ❤

The Rules:

  • Tag me in the post so that I could read your beautiful answers too!
  • List out 10 of your favorite feelings
  • Tag other bloggers who would love to do this to spread positive fucking thoughts!

10 Of My Favorite Feelings:

1. Taking Off My Bra

I always feel uncomfortable everytime I wear a bra. I think most of the girls can totally relate with this one. Taking off my bra is one things I always look forward to do whenever I’m about to go home. It is really one of the best feelings in the world.

2. Pooping

Is it weird that this one is included in my list? Well, one thing you should know about me is that I like pooping, It’s an everyday thing that I need to do. I just feel really dirty if I’m not able to poop in a day, and once I get to poop I always feel so clean and accomplished. Maybe it’s an obsession already. o_o

Also, some people feels shy or weird to poop in a public toilet. That’s not really the case for me. Bowel movement is something natural, all of us do it. I’m not bothered if I smell poop whenever I’m waiting in the line in a public toilet, I’m more bothered when people doesn’t make sure that the toilet is clean before they let someone else use it or worst– they don’t even bother flushing it. So please.. always flush, okay?!

3. Being In Nature

I’m not a city girl.

I hate all kinds of smoke. I don’t like too much noise. I hate crowded places.

I always dream about living in a place that is so peaceful and quiet. A place where all you can breathe is fresh air. I love the sound of leaves whenever there’s a wind passing by, it’s like music. I love the peacefulness of being in nature because it gives me time to think and relax. It’s like time stops and I don’t have to worry about anything else. I have this thing I do (may sound weird) that whenever I feel so stressed and overwhelm about things I just go ahead and hug a tree for few minutes and I would feel so much better after. You can try that too.

4. Showers Before I Sleep

Yes! This is also one of the feelings I love. I love it whenever I’m in a shower and I don’t need to rush (because that’s a thing I always do), the feeling of the water touching your skin and you just feel so refreshed and clean after.

5. Late Night Chill

I’m talking about instrumental music. My favorite band’s genre which is the Explosions in the Sky (you should check them out) is instrumental. I love this kind of music because you can have your own interpretation as they don’t really have lyrics, what I mean is for example I find this particular song kinda sad but some people find it happy.

Explosions in the Sky Live Performance

6. Drinking Tea

I started drinking tea recently and I totally love it. Tea makes me feel so calm and focused. In my opinion, drinking tea is like a ritual. You should never rush yourself because in order for you to appreciate it, always take a moment everytime you take a sip and try to get a feel of everything.

Drinking Tea.

7. Being Alone

I used to love going out either with my friends or family and do stuff and I always feel sad and disappointed whenever things don’t go as plan because I hated being alone or away from them. But I think now that I got older I realized that there’s a huge difference between being alone and feeling alone. I rarely feel alone because I have people who genuinely loves me but I do enjoy and appreciate everytime I get a chance to be alone because it gives me space and time to reflect about certain things.

Art of Being Alone

8. Annoying My Dogs

Ugh! I really really love my dogs, it sounds silly but I think they’re a gift from the universe that is made just for me. I think they can sense it whenever I feel sad because they will start playing with me or catch my attention. I love it whenever they just sleep on my feet, even if they snore a lot. I also love annoying them or just simply play catch with them. Everything that they do makes me feel so happy inside. I really hope that they can live forever.

9. Organizing My Things & Grocery Shopping

I’m not like “Marie Kondo”  when it comes to organizing but I do love the feeling of being organize and clean. I love it whenever my clothes is folded properly and arranged from darkest to lightest color. I love the feeling of laying on a recently changed bed sheet. I also love it whenever I go grocery shopping and I get to buy the things that I need without spending beyond the budget and getting the best deals. Things like that always makes me feel so good about myself.

10. Being In Love.

I realized that some of the things I mentioned above made me sound so weird but that’s what I really am. That’s why the last thing I want to write on this list is the best feeling in the world and that is being with someone who accepts you and lets you be yourself even if it gets weird sometimes (as long as it’s not illegal and nobody gets hurt.. that’s okay). Find that someone and don’t let them go.

People falling in love. A happy romantic couple portrait minimal design one continuous line art drawing vector illustration minimalism style


The Strawberry Snaps‘s

Ayla Boswell‘s


Harman Kaur‘s

Ava Tripathy‘s

Sheryl Gim‘s

Jamie Lin‘s

Jo Alix‘s

I would also like to know 10 of your favorite feelings but don’t feel pressured if youre not ready yet! Thank you! ❤

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  1. I love reading this, we have much things in common. I’m a dog and tea person too! And yes girl preach on number one! ❤ It's so glad to have read this, congratulations!

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  2. Oh, wow! This is, by far, the most fun nomination I received! Thank you and I agree with your list, especially with your top 1 (or better yet, not a wearing a bra at all!) #freethenipple


  3. Hello Carla, thank you so much for considering my blog in this tag post! Love drinking tea! I’m actually looking for a nice tea pot with filter as I’ve decided to try an organic tea made of dried flowers. Have a nice day! ❤️

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